Artist Statement


I’m fascinated with reframing the familiar in order to reimagine the connections between individuals, communities and the systems we live in. My work sprouts at the interstices of nature, refuse, memory and the sacred. I use fragmentation and disorientation to create liminal spaces that produce chinks in quotidien reality, inviting in the Unfamiliar so we can meet our inner and outer worlds anew.

Photo: Tristan Farzan

Eden is an interdisciplinary artist, arts educator and  youth worker. She is a founding member of S.E.M. collective and a designer at FZN Studio. She holds an MFA in Studio Art from University of New Mexico,  a BA in Film Production from Portland State University and has shown her work at the Portland Underground Film Festival, Experiments in Cinema, 516 Arts and 5G Gallery.  When she’s not experimenting with odd materials in the studio she enjoys international music and cinema, making things from scratch and spending time with her family.