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2020  36"x 48"x 48"

Touch-interactive sculpture. Ceramic fountain and shells, silicone, slime, salt, bubble wrap, broken glass, fabric, foam, cellu-clay, custom electronics and software, 14 audio tracks.

2020   9’ x 9’ x 7’ 

Immersive installation. Suspended paper mache and wire dome with soundscape, refractive light, custom cushions with embedded speakers, fabric and recycled packing materials.

2018-ongoing  192” x 24” x 62”

Performed sculptural costume. Reused plastic, fabric, paper, rope, fish hooks, refuse and other found objects. 

Sculpture, installation, ceramics and more...

In 2021 Eden met Sarah Nguyen and Mami Takahashi through a virtual residency and together they formed S.E.M. collective to create intimate art experiences during and beyond the pandemic.